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About us

Massey University has a long and proud tradition of academic and research excellence and has played a defining role in the development of New Zealand.

From our establishment as an agricultural college in 1927 to becoming a university in 1964, we are focused on helping you lead your home country or New Zealand.

Advances in technology means a transformational change in education is taking place. There is enormous growth in demand from students for borderless education delivered online or in-country. Massey University is well positioned to meet this demand because of our long history of distance and online learning and our strong relationships with many corporations, governments and educational institutions developed worldwide over many years.

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Studying online

Study where you want, when you want

There's no difference in teaching standards when you study online with Massey University. The lecturers who teach from a distance are the same as those teaching on-campus.


Why study online?

You can choose to study part-time while balancing your work and home commitments.

  • You can access modules anywhere and at any time (an internet connection is required)
  • You can replay or re-read lessons you're not clear about
  • You could save time and money by minimising travel costs


Support for online students

Massey University offers all students a wide range of support services; from advice on choosing what to study or how to access a particular publication, through to confidential counselling support and career advice.

Whether you're studying with us at one of our three campuses, or online from your own country, you can access all of the student support services below.

  • Library

    The Massey University library has a service designed specifically for students studying offshore. Our team of dedicated staff are here to help you access and use these resources, find information for your study, and answer all your questions about getting the most out of the library.

  • Academic advice

    When you need information about planning your degree, what courses you are able to take and just about anything to do with your major, minor, compulsory courses and electives, the best person to assist you is an Academic Adviser. They will be able to explain the Massey terminology and academic rules and guide you on what is required to successfully complete your qualification.

  • Centre for teaching and learning

    The Centre for Teaching and Learning provides services, support and resources designed to enhance your study experience. This includes help with structuring assignments, time management, study skills, exam preparation and referencing, to name but a few.

  • Counselling

    Students often have very full and busy lives and it is not always easy to concentrate effectively on study. Our student counsellors can provide confidential support and assistance in managing emotional and psychological issues before they start to affect your studies

  • Careers

    Massey's Career and and employability service can assist you to find the information you need to improve your chances of finding a job – or changing jobs or gaining promotion once you have completed your study